Hands Across the Globe

This is happiness. Bonding with someone across the world, who inspired you. Getting mentioned on her blog.  Laurie Albanese has been kind enough to include a pic of mine on her blog, The Big Walk as part of her effort to get walkers from different parts of the country to talk about their experiences. It looks like she didn’t expect a response from walkers in different parts of the world! 🙂

This pic is from a the longest walk I’ve ever taken, 28km to reach Mukurthi Peak.  My daughter, Darshini and her friends were here, and so we ventured forth. It was a great, unforgettable trek.  Sindhu made the trip home  just to join us.

Another barrier (self-made) I’ve breached is to join FaceBook. It feels like opening the doors to a great party going on out there. So many people I know  and never imagined were into social networking are communicating about a hundred things.


4 thoughts on “Hands Across the Globe

  1. I can really get into the “walk.”

    Not too crazy about the “talk,” that is, on FaceBook, even though I think I might have joined in another life (or was it last two weeks?).

    The walk sounds like several posts, if I ever heard of someone looking a source to write about.


  2. Facebook- Its’ god to know what your friends are thinking/talking about. What excites them. I don’t think I will be doing much talking there – I do enough here.

    Walks- How much can one go on writing about walking? You have to be creative to come up with different ideas and sources

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