B’day Picnic

Picnics shouldn’t be postponed. And we should have as many of them as possible.

So today, we managed one very unstressed, relaxing one which had been dangling on our minds and never got to being done. Inspite of a dozen things which said  ‘no, not today.. do it tomorrow or the day after’.

April 1st should be a lighthearted day I read this morning. And that decided the day for me.

Four friends turned up with food . I made only curd rice with the excuse of a bad back .  chapatis, potato curry, veg pulav and chips. Simple food, but packed and eaten by the side of a serene reservoir, it relaxed everyone so much. Undemanding conversation.

And when S said, she’s never been on a picnic for 25 years, we were suffused with the happiness of making and effort and seeing it pay off. It was the best Bday gift we were able to give her.


2 thoughts on “B’day Picnic

  1. Yes it is. And so close to home, it was no-stress getting there. Mani Rathnam shot ‘Ravana’ here for a week. With ash and Abhishek. So look out if you ever see the movie:-)

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