‘Surely I want to be more than an ego, to experience a deep comfortable bond with others, to look with peace instead of righteousness, to be happy instead of justified. Hugh Prather.

My thoughts have been running on how many times I have been righteous, about civic issues, about moral values, about people not doing their work well, about people not behaving as I think they should, about all the little twists in human beings that makes people human.

Judge not a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes. How easily we forget that.

We never have walked those steps, but we pass judgement. And then some day we have to walk that path and then we forgive ourselves so easily.

For the retaining wall we are building, the contractor has dumped sand and stones on the road blocking half of it. Vehicles have to slow down here and pass slowly. It’s the Season when there are a lot of tourist vehicles.  How many times would I have cursed such a situation. And then I do it and have to say ‘ yeah what else can I do?’

And so it is with so many situations when we look at people with righteousness – when people go bankrupt, when they have an affair, when they fall in love, when their children misbehave, when family members are caught in a scandal ….if only we could look at the actions of others with peace.

And remember, righteousness is so boring 🙂


4 thoughts on “Righteousness

  1. You said it , Michael. One day at a time. But generally, I find that if one is pleased with oneself and how life is going for us, we are much more inclined to forgive others their trespasses.
    So, we have to work at making ourselves happy or happier. And then the world gets bathed in a golden light.

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