Putting Colour Together

Sometimes one can be so open, sensitive to colour.  And sometimes blind to the world around.

This was a day when the visual senses worked and I put together this look from such disparate elements that it made me very happy.

The checked cloth covering the divan was something I had bought long ago for curtains (in an era when such a dazzle of colours appealed) ; the orange covers from a long ago trip to delhi (and when I found they were from neighbouring Karur, I could have kicked myself) ; the bolster covers from a recent sale at @home and the green  cushion covers , finally from a guy selling them on the road (again from Karur) very cheap.

Some people are more sensitive to colour and some very sensitive. Its lucky we have some of them to make us more aware. Like Kris, who is a designer and puts together combinations for us to draw from on her beautiful site, kris’s color stripes.

And a surprise on the site was that she had decorated her hallway in a combination of greens, which I’ve used in one bedroom.  So I can fancy myself as a designer far removed 🙂


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