What the Dog Saw

This book by Malcolm Gladwell is rather fascinating.

The first part is about the day to day work of a cross section of people – who are obsessed about their work and minor geniuses in their own lines.

Like Shirley Polykoff who wrote the line ‘Does she or doesn’t she. Only her hairdresser knows for sure’  when her ad agency introduced Clairol Hair Colouring to America in 1956, an era when hair colouring wasn’t the thing that genteel ladies did. Later she wrote memorably ‘ If I’ve only one life, let me live it as a blond !’

In another chapter, Cesar Millan is a Dog Whisperer and Gladwell’s account of how he controls dogs and what they see in him (which is where the title comes from) is  a fascinating account of body moves and presence.

Combinations of posture and gesture are called phrasing and the great communicators are those who match their phrasing with their communicative intentions “.  To the dogs, Cesar has beautiful phrasing.

The book is full of insights into human behavior (why kids love to smother everything with ketchup)  and even dog behavior- owners walking dogs  give off tension when they pass another dog on a lead which communicates to their dog, who then attacks.

An adventure into human nature. And the world.

I have a guest post on another person’s blog:-) A Walking Week on My Big Walk.

That’s a promotion I am happy about and am grateful for. And more so , the category under which it appears. Grace.  Laurie is talking about the grace which comes to our days when we get more organized. Something that I was thinking about just this evening, on my walk. My days are structured but am I losing spontaneity?   Not really when I can choose to not do something.


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