This was a first – getting out of my comfort zone and visiting my maid at her home. The occasion was the 40th day after her mother’s passing away, and they had prayers followed by a very festive lunch at home. I don’t  know about other cultures, but in India, we certainly mark the end of the mourning period with feasting, whether we are Christian or Hindu.

Jenitha’s house was well-painted and neat and so were all the relatives gathered there. Somehow, Christians here get that neat, pressed, out of the box look of Sunday church. Hinduism with its straggliness,  seldom achieves that tidiness.

The poor are always so lavish in their hospitality. Jenitha’s family must have spent a month or two’s income today. And were so happy that we  ‘deigned’ to visit and eat in their home . It brings home with a bang all our unconscious class consciousnesses.  Still, it is nice to be welcomed so wholeheartedly.


2 thoughts on “Immaculate

  1. That i agree – the poorest are the most humble & lavish as hosts. I cannot forget the day we trampled into a farm laborers hut near the hills when it rained. They were overwhemlmed when we accepted their invitation to step in, and well..what can i say – one day i will write about takes more words to tell that story…

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