Losing a Cupboard

Adding a cupboard /closet/dresser/table… anything that stores things can be a big high.  It is so good to  sort out eyesores and move things around into the new storage in neat piles and all that clear space.

But, getting rid of storage space is a little difficult to cope with.  Where does all that stuff go? I’ve been dealing with decisions today. Hard ones. Those old SLR cameras which used film, shuttle bats, old x-rays, certificates, video games, things you might pass on as gifts…and more. Im sure everyone has this one cupboard in which you keep things you don’ want to think about. For me the time to think about it came today. I  put it off as long as possible by going out, doing all the different things I could before I faced the mess.

Feeling that one bedroom was too cluttered with furniture, when a friend mentioned that she was looking for  a cupboard, I said immediately , take this one.  And she did,  immediately too. Which left me rather unprepared:-(

But sorting out stuff to give away, store, trash has an impact on everything else too. Finding space in other cupboards for stuff I want to keep, means I have had to sort out there too.

I’ve been rather ruthless with the kid’s clothes which were in the cupboard.   But then,  I have to rethink mine  too . It’s always easier to be tough with other people’s things.  I liked these rules on unclutterer.com in Let Go of the Past.

  • The item should represent your current style and the image you wish to project to others.
  • You should like how you feel when you wear the item (for shoes, they should not cause blisters).
  • You should have an occasion in the next year to wear it.

All of which could mean a lot of downsizing.


2 thoughts on “Losing a Cupboard

  1. The starting is the hardest part Michael. I kept putting it off till I was forced to. And even then kept walking around the mess until it became unbearable. But now that I have started off, Im on a giving away spree. And feel so much lighter and good.
    Thanks for saying ‘you are so right as usual’. Made my day:-)

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