Happiness Big and Small

Two days of a power-cut following a violent storm, chasing the EB people to set it right; and then a couple of days of getting things back to order – water, the internet; coping with masons and  house guests -life can suddenly stand you on your head for a few days.

But its not really these things…. you can’t call them hardships… that really get you down but  missing those small routines that make you happy like blogging, walking, TV watching, doing work to music, time for friends that actually make you feel like you are marking time till it all settles back

Theoretically one ‘should  be able to enjoy all these ‘challenges’.  But what we are actually, is rather different. In retrospect , I think  ‘ at least I managed without really stressing out which is not so bad.’

Sometimes when life is all routine, we think oh so boring. But you have to lose it to miss the freedom to live life as you want to. And find small happinesses in the routine stuff. Noting the positive does make you happier as this blog proves to me.

Coincidentally, I found Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project talking about Neil Pasricha’s  blog 1000 Awesome Things. Neil says that he started writing his blog when he was at a bad spot in his life ,but focusing on the positive in a wonderful way   has really changed it. And he notes, that maybe saving up for a cruise will help you…but then it’s the small things on that cruise like watching a sunset holding a sweaty hand that will remain .

Holding hands were our house guests, a couple who married recently. He is 60+ and she is in her fifties, both very well preserved hard working and cheery people. After losing their  respective spouses, they decided to stay together. Seeing them, it gives hope about single people. And that you can always find happiness somewhere down the lane.

This is big happiness.

Core Happiness does lie in the big things but everyday happiness, mostly in the small.


2 thoughts on “Happiness Big and Small

  1. KALY.

    “. . . it’s the small things on that cruise like watching a sunset holding a sweaty hand that will remain . . .”

    The sweaty hand. I’ll take that memory along with the sunset any old day, or evening!

    michael j

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