Cheese ‘n Mango

I would never have guessed that cheese and mango would go together.  Until a friend’s daughter, home from UK, told me she ate a kind of stuffed tortilla, filled with a luscious mango and cheese combination and it tasted so good , she was still sighing over it.

Since I had both ingredients at home, I thought I would try it. The Net didnt turn up the perfect recipe but I found a recipe for Mango-Cheese Quesadilla on a kid’s site and stirred it up to suit us. The result was very good and filling.


Onion- 1          – chopped fine

Capsicum – 1/2      -chopped fine

Green chilli – 1    – slit, seeds removed and chopped fine

Cheese – 3/4  cup – grated

Mango – 1 cup – chopped into small cubes

Basil/oregano –  a pinch

Tomato sauce – 1 tbsp

4 chapattis


Saute’ the onions, capsicum, chilli in tsp of oil for a minute

Add other ingredients except cheese.

Put chapatti on tawa , slightly buttered.

Spread filling over it and top with cheese and let it stay for half a minute or till cheese melts. You have to be careful that chapati doesn’t become dry and stiff.

Fold over  and serve .

Tastes great.


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