Morning Charm

This morning came up with a few revelations that charmed. And left the rest of the day with a special flavor.

1) Breakfast is the best time to entertain people. You don’t have to over load the table. People are feeling good without overtones of not-so-pleasant interactions which come later in the day. They’ve traveled through relatively empty roads which is a very good feeling (especially in a hill-station in summer). And everyone has places to go and things to do; so the get-together is shorter, which keeps everyone happy.

2) If you ask people for advice, they will make the time for you usually.  This couple who came over today have been meaning to visit for many months but yday I called and said I wanted pointers for my garden and here they are today!

3) Being inaccessible on the cellphone in the morning is so good.  I’ve been using the phone as alarm and then leaving it under the pillow so I can never hear it ring afterwards. That leaves me to get on with my morning routine undisturbed. Early morning callers are usually the singles in the family who want to chat when they are free or it is someone with a request (also  a family member) which I would much rather  hear later in the day or preferably, never at all.

So a wonderful start to the day. And yes, I made my special cheese -mango roll and it went down very well. There was none left for me:-)


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