I went for a walk and …..

I was walking along happy that it wasn’t so hot; happy that I hadn’t eaten too much lunch so I could walk briskly; happy to be alive and ( not-so) young and out in the fresh air; happy to be looking at the green young green grass and the lavender sprays of flowers on the jacarandas and the buildings and the people and happy that I was wearing my rainproof jacket when it started to rain.  Suddenly I was the only person on the road still striding along. Everyone had disappeared into the protection of awnings and shops. I kept smiling till I realized that my feet were getting very very wet. So I joined a crowd under a porch.

People started gazing in wonder at the hailstones that were pelting down, hitting the ground and then disappearing. Everyone was excited and smiling. Some people put out their hands. ‘I can’t catch any’ they exclaimed in various languages around me. A man took one little piece from the ground to show it to his kids who were rather scared by this new phenomenon. We shared a camaraderie that was wrought by Mother Nature. Rather like Iceland suddenly proving its existence and overriding all our  plans.

For many people, Im sure  this afternoon is going to be the most memorable part of their trip overriding man-made lakes and gardens.


4 thoughts on “I went for a walk and …..

  1. The hail storm at one time was an integral part of summer. It would bring down temperatures immediately and provide some respite. But these days they are rare in our city. How I loved them. I guess I would have walked like you did too.

  2. It’s amazing to read of your fascination with Mother Nature’s outpouring of gifts in your direction.

    I can see you enjoying every minute, every moment, ever time you live in the present.

    It encourages me to live the same way.

    michael j

  3. Oh Michael, I live in a rural area so naturally Mother Nature does play a big part in my life. For instance, with rains, our telephones, internet and power work very intermittently. So we have to find other ways to cope.
    But yes, when I am in the moment, life is very good. And thanks, you encourage me too!

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