To create is to really live

To create is to really live. Im finding that in many things  I do and can do. Absorption and happiness in the present moment.

It could be

– planting new little plants with fresh hope

– writing a post on my blog

– cooking something with focus instead of as just another meal

– painting a mural on the wall as I am doing now

-cleaning out a closet or shelf and creating order (cleaning the floor doesn’t come close)

– rearranging the furniture (altho I dont do that -much anymore:-)

Anything else ?

I’m trying to devote mornings to the process of creation because Im at my best then. It becomes hard though when I create a definition like that and other people cut across.


2 thoughts on “To create is to really live

  1. Hi Mittaipink:

    Came upon your postings inadvertently (actually was looking for a recipe!!!) and am real glad that I did. I envy your zest for everything you do. Your posts, the few that I read, brim with life. The spirit is contagious. Thanks!!!

  2. Hello Yegammal, thank you for visiting. And for staying long enough to read. Nice to find a kindred soul. And I really appreciate you taking the trouble to write a note. Glad that you felt gladdened coming here. It makes the journey worthwhile. Thanks!!

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