Calendar Girls!

A group of middle aged women taking off their clothes to pose for a calendar to raise money for a good cause! The very idea is breathtaking and to me, feels very liberating and liberated.

I watched most of the movie, Calendar girls and a couple of things stayed with me.

Women accepting their bodies as they are and being willing to expose them to other eyes.

The camaraderie that exists among a bunch of women which is so joyful.

I rang a few women (of the middle ages like me) to talk about the movie. I had a hard time even getting people to stay on the topic.

No one even acknowledged the idea that they could be photographed nude. I suppose its different for a culture where bikinis and swimsuits are the norm. But in India, long ago, half covered women covered used to be part of our culture. But now we are so shy about things -not the young- but us middle aged middle class women.

And then it depends so much on your husband too; as one person put it. They can define your life and as time goes on, your thoughts too.  They can damage your self-image permanently said one friend and you have to work very hard to think of your body positively. I can hardly bear to look at myself in the mirror for more than a few moments said one person. There was only one friend who said I love my body and I think I look great, with all my extra curves.

With all that, this bunch of women both the originals and the on-screen ones bring a sense of fresh air and joy to life.


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