Water Blues

Our overhead tank has been empty of water for a couple of days for complicated reasons.  When it’s NO-Power, NO Phone situation, I can cope.

But NO WATER heads the list of terrible things to strike. NO Gas would be terrible too but I know one friend who managed with an electric plate for months.

I was in a kind of limbo. Sort of when-will-this-get -over phase . I couldn’t have a bath which seemed so important suddenly although I don’t think I was dirty; it was just the habit that made me feel dirty. Life seemed to be on hold, while I wooed electricians and plumbers and other ..men!

I had to force myself to try and be rational… to come up with coping strategies.

  • First I had to think this too will pass and see how to make the best of it.
  • I didn’t cook.; resorting to minimal food like dosais and bread
  • We did manage with buckets of water stored in bathrooms and basins which I didn’t have to carry.
  • I heated up some water on the stove and had a small wash at night.
  • And spent most of the day painting my mural which was soothing.

The situation improved towards late evening and now there is water to clean and cook… life seems alright again or almost.

In the evening, while chatting with one of the masons, he said he and his brother were here (from far away Vellore) because they couldn’t work the land. Three crops had failed because of lack of water.

When are our powers that be going to focus on basics like water and agriculture?


4 thoughts on “Water Blues

    • Thanks Michael, water flows again and the world is turning the right way 🙂
      Yes, only when we become unwell do we cherish our good health. And only when we lose something, do we realize its value.

  1. Waterless days! How I dread them! Hope you never have to go through it again. But what about our vaster needs – as for agriculture?

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