I was stretched out on the sofa which I’d moved to a new position by the window today. A new vantage point opens up new vistas.

I’d removed a couple of stools so the room looked better with less. Through a half open door, I could look through a dark wood framed window to the outside. A fresh green creeper glowed in the afternoon sun. The swing shone darkly against red cushions. Music soared from the radio. My maid, Jess, was washing up in the kitchen. Water, electricity, sunlight, cleanliness were flowing.  I’d finished grocery  shopping for the month and bought the vegetables too for the week. I could afford to  bask in all the comfort and close my eyes into a wonderful afternoon nap.

But, the greatest contributor to my sense of well being was , I realised, a book I was reading. Whenever, I come across an author I connect to instantly, then I am pervaded with a terrific sense of content. When I’m loath to get on with a book, because then it will ‘get over’, I know I’m there. Its a great sense of happiness for a few days while I spin out the book. Maybe its like finding a friend or a mind you connect to so much.

Now, its a book by e.l.konigsburg. She writes for children actually, but it doesn’t feel like it at all. I like the clarity of her thought and that of her characters . The book is ‘ the view from saturday’ and won the Newberry Medal.

Note: The drawing is nothing like me but I liked the feeling it conveys.. ‘Charcoal sketch of my fab friend stretched out on a battered old sofa,in front of her home an old Dodge 50!Wot a life sun spain ,coffee, company’ By Beth Pearson


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