Tree of Life

This is the mural I’ve been working on a bit of compound wall for the past week . Its got buttons, curtain hooks and the names of kids in our family integrated into some of the flowers.

When the masons want to know what it means,  I tell them that the flowers represent people. Each one of them different, each of them beautiful.

To me, the tree also represents many steps forward in my journey to fitness. When I first started this months ago, I couldn’t take the bending and stretching.

Not a work of great art. But the happiness was in the journey.


3 thoughts on “Tree of Life

  1. The mural is beautiful, Kalyani.

    How come I did not know of your new blog? Shame on me.
    It looks good too, and as usual reads interestingly.
    I have started blog crawling and and am catching up with friends’ posts. Wrote a couple too, would love you to look at them.

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