Being Useful By Blogging

There is a lot of joy in knowing that your blog post resonated with someone and even better, was of some use.

This morning I was surprised to see a mail from a person asking about treatment for lockjaw. His father, 77, had developed lockjaw after some dental treatment and was feeling ill and depressed. So he’d been surfing , found a post of mine on my old blog and wrote to me to ask for more details.

I called and we chatted. I passed on details of the treatment I’d had and hopefully, some reassurance. When one is ill, hope matters a great deal. And talking to someone who has been through the same things does help.

I told him that I was happy to know that my blog had been of some use to someone . Sometimes I doubt that very much. And he said, No, I look up blogs for so many things. They are so useful.


4 thoughts on “Being Useful By Blogging

  1. Isn’t that a major reason why we are here? To help ease the pain of others? To relieve suffering?

    You’re doing a heluva job, my dear. Keep up the good Blog! The good work!

    michael j

  2. I did go and read your old post. That was frightful. Thanks to a dentist, I have a pretty bad condition where my teeth are in not the best condition. I am on the lookout for a dentist who will be honest ( it will be a goldmine here too) but will give me the treatment that is necessary and not one that is aimed at buying tickets for his next trip abroad. I hope to go next week. I hate going to the dentist.
    Comments to a post especially where you have been contacted for help (and you responded so willingly) are satisfying. Great work.

  3. Radha, all my sympathies. All I can tell you is this too will pass. Hope you find a good person who will help you and with as little pain as possible. If you find such a person, then life looks very good:-))

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