Guests n more guests

I do think that thought processes create some kind of energy that brings on things in reinforcement.

For instance, 18 years  after I passed out of college , during which period I never met a single person from my College days; I threw out a whole bunch of snaps. And within months, a few souls started sliding into my life and now, my college friends are an integral part of my life.

Last  week  I was thinking, this is my first ‘Season’ in years without house guests and suddenly there were 12 people inthe house! One was a much younger  cousin with whom I may have chatted for  a total of 10 minutes in my entire life. He brought along his wife, kids, niece and a brother in law. Another cousin came with her neighbour. And so on.

Although I resist hard when it does happen, it  does seem good that life jerks me out of  complacency and routines so that I have to cope  with the unexpected .  In days past I managed more easily ( I think) even cooking breakfast for as many as 60 people , as Dachu reminds me.

But now I don’t want to  kill myself making a great effort to create great meals. Whatever can be managed is okay. And guests will have to like it.

It was good interacting with my newfound cousin.  We  discovered mutual interests we didn’t know we had. A childhood friend turned up with his family and we reconnected over shared memories. It seems these men of business like destressing in my living room over undemanding, unintellectual conversation. It was good to have little children running around too.

But the best decision I made this week was to let go of my little bed n breakfast venture. When we make a decision based on someone else’s  interests and suggestions , then it doesn’t work for too long.  I feel so relieved and so does my family that it seems crazy why it happened at all.


6 thoughts on “Guests n more guests

  1. So difficult sometimes to get up and make a decent meal day after day – and then have guests too. Must have been tough. But you must have been a good host. Wish I had known before you closed the venture. Never mind. ENjoy the newfound freedom of not having to take care of others apart from family.

  2. Raji, i think we all do it. All of us have guests -relatives and friends through the year. for us in Ooty, it usually gets concentrated into a couple of months. That’s all.

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