These are a few favorite things

Stocking the fridge with icecream and chicken curry and fresh vegetables

Buying books to read and having them lying around the bed/house

Music wafting around in the background

Watching TV

Having a bath in hot hot water after a day out in the cold

Inviting friends over to share a meal

Good clothes that fit

Not having to answer anyone

Talking to friends and relatives on the phone late at night

Money enough for needs

Freedom of thought n speech

Private personal space

I wouldn’t have listed these things as luxuries. But, watching a friend reveling in all these new found freedoms after walking out of an abusive, controlling marriage after many many years,   I am learning to value things which I take for granted.

Simple pleasures, when we think about them,  make each day  well lived.

And oh yes, we received our first cheque today for some of our embroidered articles.  A little leap forward:-))


2 thoughts on “These are a few favorite things

  1. It’s human to want more than what we have. And in the process sometimes, forget to appreciate what we already have….and be thankful for it.

  2. I heard Swami Chinmaya once saying that its the constant wanting that keeps us human striving forward. The next and next.
    But thankfulness… we have to keep reminding ourselves.

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