The Joy of Clean Space

For some time, the centre table in the living room has been a mess of books, magazines, and mail. The two people who live here seem to feel the need to keep at least half a dozen books handy for the morning read. The table gets cleared up occasionally but things slowly pile up once again.  I have been thinking I should buy a different table, one that has concealed storage, to make the space look better. Before

But staying in Darshini’s empty flat in Madras had got my eye trained for uncluttered space. I didn’t like the mess when I came back home and swept the table clean.  I managed to keep it empty for a few days. And realized the truth in Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project ‘s dictum… A clear surface tends to stay clear.’

After- Step 1

A couple of days ago, I bought this coir mat which fits in well into the centre space and adds a certain tang of freshness and comfort.  I thought why have the centre table at all, and removed it. The whole space does look better. Less is better always.

After- Step 2

Uncluttering is contagious. And now it is spreading from room to room and Im busy tackling one room a day. Great feeling.


9 thoughts on “The Joy of Clean Space

  1. You are heaven-sent!

    Just the motivation I need. Room by room. Section of a room by section.

    Ok, a corner of the room by a corner of a room.

    Yes, there is that much clutter. Don’t let me go on about the third floor. It’s like the Katrina Hurrricane sweeping over New Orleans. Not a pretty site.

    Thanks for you timely suggestion,

    michael j

  2. It looks lovely! But what did you do with the stuff you cleared to get that uncluttered look? In my experience the stuff that clutters is removed and goes and clutters up some other place.

    I comfort myself saying “A clean table is the sign of a cluttered drawer.”

  3. Michael, even clearing up a corner can be such a high. And since you have to move the stuff somewhere else as Raji says, you have to clear up that space as well. I hope you’ve been inspired enough to get started. It will carry you forward.

  4. Thanks Raji. But you are dead on. The stuff just got put away somewhere else, where it is less of an eyesore. But eventually, some stuff does leave the house.
    Nice original saying.:-))) Is a clean looking person a sign of a cluttered mind?

  5. Kitchen counters, sink and stove are nearly spotless. Our company, however, never saw it because they stayed on our patio enjoying the rooster and his hens, as well as his offspring, 8 little chicks growing into 4 hens and 4 roosters.

    Glad my son and I cleaned the area last week.

    Now we got two places to bring visitors looking for a clean lighted place.


    michael j

  6. Michel, company is the best motivation to get started on clearing up. But it sounds like the outside of your house is so much more entrancing.. with all the little chickens. You dont even have to try.

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