Assignment #3

I’m rushing to complete some assignments; right now I’m halfway through and have three more to go.

And what are they about? Watching movies!

This slightly bizarre situation came about when I was doing the house-sitting at Madras a few weeks ago. A concerned cousin brother, concerned I was being left alone too much with nothing much to do  provided his kind of solution. He couriered some movies over to me. And did he stop with that? NO, he wouldn’t. Periodically, he would call to check how many movies I had watched.

And my poor bluffing would always show up miserably through.

‘Yeah, I’ve just seen half of Our home!’

‘How did you like the old lady? Just like our ammachi, isn’t she ?

‘Which old lady?’

‘You’ve seen half the movie?’  ….very slowly

‘No actually; I think it was half of something else’.

So now, Im back home and spend long evenings at home with a movie everyday.  Just to report back everyday triumphantly ‘mission accomplished’.

Today I went out in the evening for a walk.. there were only a few crazies out in the wind and rain and cold, but with the walk under my belt I can safely indulge in carbohydrates with out too much guilt. How can one get through

rainy weather without indulging in lots of calorific sin?

Today’s Box Office Hit was ‘A few Good Men’. A really fantastic movie in that  it has everything. A great star cast with good acting, wonderful photography, pretty  settings, a superb story line withgood triumphing over ‘bad’; David vs Goliath, memorable lines from Jack Nicholson, and a satisfied feeling once the movie was done.

Rainy weather is good movie weather.

Note : Is discussing scenes from a movie a guy thing or just something that some people do and some people dont?


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