In pursuit of less clutter

After a visitor remarked ‘ you have so many things’; I had to look at the  house more closely. As we all know, things do look different when we look through the eyes of an outsider. Do we have more stuff than the average person? I ddidn’t think so. We only tend to have things in every day use out in the open; so they are easy to access. And that looks crowded I guess.

No, I am not going to shove away things inside cupboards. Instead I have been studying how I could make it look prettier and less cluttered. More compact containers maybe so things are kept together and there is space around?

One experiment below.

Before                                   After

I didn’t realize that fruit stand was so visually big. It was given by a friend a few years ago and it has remained on the sideboard every since. They probably don’t even remember the gift. So its going to turn into a plant stand. Its been replaced by a handsome wooden bowl from Africa which my sister gave me and has stayed inside for an equal number of years.  A smaller tray for the condiments, and then a prettier container for the daily dose of vitamins.

Another high today was getting rid of some old garden clutter.. tin sheets, plastic buckets and the like. Somehow exchanging all this rubbish for a little bit of money is so mood enhancing. It makes me feel rich. Im going to use the money for something new for the garden of course.

All I can say to visitors is, give me notice before you come, so I can shove all the stuff lying around somewhere inside.


2 thoughts on “In pursuit of less clutter

  1. Don’t worry about visitors, Kallu. If they don’t give us notice, they will have to take us as we are.

    Do tell me what progress you are making with clearing, I shall pick up a few tips. 🙂

  2. Raji you are pulling my leg. I remember your house as an ultra-clean, well-arranged, polished space. Well-lived in too.
    Thanks for the comfort. Visitors do have to take us as we are. Clean uncluttered spaces appear magically only if we have enough notice :-).
    But it would be so good if we get to the stage when we really don’t care what visitors think and keep it all like it is :-)) And better if it is all good too:-))

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