Desire Lost and Found

Everyone has suppressed  desires you can’t really express because they are so weird. Maybe you haven’t even expressed them to yourself . But when you recognize the opportunity to fulfill one of them , you grab it.

I’ve  hankered long and secretly after a power drill so I can put up pictures and whatnot when I choose without waiting  for the carpenter to turn up.


1) power drills are expensive

2) We don’t drive in that many screws and nails into our walls to be able to explain how it could cut costs

3) I’m not really a handy(wo)man around the house

When I saw a cheaper version of a Bosch drill (now China can give us anything in a plastic version) at an Exhibition; I knew I had to have it. The salesmen were taken aback at a female buying one of their tools , Sindhu amazed that Mom could buy something without putting it to the 4-way test ( it would have failed miserably)  but we bought it in minutes  not really listening to the salesman explaining how it works. Now I realise why he took so much trouble; the instruction booklet is in Chinese.

Today I have been experimenting with driving holes into rotten wood and  terracotta pots .  Making holes isn’t as easy as it looks; probably gets better with practice. It needs a steady hand, some strength and letting go of the fear that you could drive it into your hand. But feels like super(wo)man :-)))


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