All Things Bright and Beautiful

A beautiful day. One when we give thanks for blue skies, fluffy clouds, green grass , distant hills and a sofa to lie on and look at  it all lazily.

This  view is through  window glass which is why it is not too clear. The greys of the past month has made this day and view doubly precious.

I spent most of the day outside the house. Some of the time with a friend. We went to have passport sized photos taken. Having formal photos taken  is like shoe shopping. You know the results will leave you feeling rather unsatisfied   and wishful for something better……but still you hope this time , a magical transformation will make you look glamorous. Oh well, next time.

I had been eyeing this cheery solar cell powered little thingamajig  for the  car dash for some time in the shop window. And not buying it. But my friend stepped right in and got it for me. ‘ Gratifying those small wishes go a long way in brightening our days’, she said.  I’m extremely glad.


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