Grounded education

The school called yday. There will be a meeting of the gramya kalvi thittam..(Village education scheme)   can you come? Some of the parents will be coming and if you are there, they will feel better about the school. I go unsuspectingly.

Within minutes, a few tables are laid out and a row of chairs behind them, some benches for the parents and the mats for the children. I am invited to sit behind the table and then get to know I’ve been made the Advisor! Then the dreaded words..”  Now Madam will say a few words. ” I actually do,  impressing no one.

This is a PTA ; when teachers harangue the parents for their lack of commitment to the school.  There is an appeal for benches for a few classes where the children are now sitting on the floor. The parents are asked to pay Rs. 5 each. They concur but there is a general feeling that most parents won’t. Why should we contribute to a government school? Let the govt provide. We say lets start with ourselves first.

I take out Rs.100 and place it on the table and we ask parents to give whatever they can. Surprisingly they do come up with a few hundreds. Some of the school children come up with a few coins. It is a very good feeling. We decide that both the municipality should be approached and there should be some fund raising.

The children perform, largely in English. A good teacher there. The parents beam, though they hardly understand one word.

What I thought was a duty call turned into a morning of grace.


2 thoughts on “Grounded education

  1. Yes, Michael. Before I went in I sent up a silent prayer that I be blessed with grace, behave with grace while I was in the school. I don’t like the spotlight on me and so I need the extra help.
    And it was good.

    And thanks for the flattery:-))) It goes a long way :-)))

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