These days I get up with a zing and a feeling of wellness.

As everyone who has been on the weight loss-cycle knows, the days when you are actually losing weight and it shows as in  fitting into old old clothes ..that high is hard to beat.

But besides that is a feeling of fitness that is welling up, like the sap rising.

And for this I credit the surya namksars I am practicing  now everyday . Its been a month now and I can vouch for the benefits. Those old shoulder aches, backaches when I tried lifting something heavy, neck aches.. all seem to have disappeared. I feel confident that I can do most activities. A year ago, I lived with this  niggling fear at the back of my mind.. what ache is this going to end up in.?

But 15-20 minutes of this yogasana is enough to keep me bounding about.

There seem to be a hundred benefits as listed on this site…  http://www.suryanamaskar.info/guidelines.htm

And the how to is shown here

http://www.medindia.net/animation/Surya_Namaskar.asp and

http://www.ehow.com/video_2356845_complete-demonstration-surya-namaskar-yoga.html Only the guy in the video is rather graceless. He’s getting there as I will, Im sure.


2 thoughts on “Wellness

  1. I grew up on yoga, but find my joints a little too stiff and I do not wish to to practice it without assistance from a trained person. But I got myself a hula hoop the other day. Ten days and not much progress, but I do feel my body is more flexible. My children are amused.

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