Food and Love

‘Is it only your friends, or is it Ooty people or just people in general..’ who shower us with so much love? Darshini was remarking

The 3 children, our two girls and son-in law had come over the weekend. And immediately, friends who’ve known them from childhood came over, laden with gifts. Things to eat which they had made themselves. ‘Your family comes together so rarely’, one friend said after she made a special effort to send over a huge vessel of payasam which Prashanth likes. Another friend made Chocolate soufflé and another came with corn fries for Sindhu. They brought store bought stuff too….cakes and chocolates and whatever they could think of.

This was a weekend which was long in planning and promise and almost never happened. But Darshini was determined to come ‘home’. We had to celebrate together the just fresh news of her pregnancy and simultaneously, Prashanth’s departure to a new land and new job. I’m barely able to absorb the news myself. It’s a dazzling prospect which turns life on its head.. a new baby in the family. It affects so many lives and plans.

We didn’t take any snaps at all.. just sat around chatting most of the time . Family time together has become so brief and precious these days with job schedules keeping people travelling so often, that cameras are an intrusion on time.

But Im left wondering is it just Indians who demonstrate happiness and love with food, or is universal?


5 thoughts on “Food and Love

  1. No. I went to a wedding Saturday and spent 24 hours with cousins I have not seen for months. We ate . . . and ate . . . and ate some more. Who cares about the waste line when’s there’s the family line to discuss.


    michael j

  2. I guess food has to be part of anything important. Makes the scene complete. And especially when family gets together, we all know their favourites, and that is one way of showing our love for them. And baby in the family? Good news. Definitely reason to celebrate.

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