Oh Those Tangled Wires

There are some jobs that stay on To-Do lists for weeks , months and sometimes years and you hope they’ve quietly slid off somewhere into oblivion.  One on this list  is  organising the cables at the back of the computer ; straightening them out and creating some kind of neatness out of the jungle out there so the space gets swept occasionally and isn’t  so much of an eyesore .

Today was the day designated by some higher authority for this job (rain outside had a hand in it) and after a few hours of stick-it -iveness,  I   feel I can pat myself on the back for job accomplished  and the halo around my head keeps me walking taller and straighter.

If anyone is doing this job, I recommend getting your stuff together first (which I didnt do and had to keep getting up to get something).

Steps to untangle those darned wires:

  • Rearrange your computer peripherals the way you want them to be
  • Gather together strong twine and scissors, or better if you have those little bits of plastic that can be twisted together to hold wires bunched up; tape (I used the ordinary tape , maybe insulation tape would hold it all better).
  • Put on some music
  • Start at the plugins at the top of the CPU. Take one  out, unravel from the other wires, make the travel as short as possible. Loop the extra length, tie it up or fasten, and then attach to the back of your desk as securely as possible.
  • Don’t stop till you get through the lot.

For those of you who have a laptop or few peripherals, aren’t you lucky!

Now some day, Im  going to go through all those hundreds of CD s and keep only what we need.


4 thoughts on “Oh Those Tangled Wires

  1. No thanks. Every time I have done this, I end up kicking us off the internet or the telephone. The wires cross here and there and everywhere. Let sleeping wires lye, is what I say!

    michael j

  2. I said there is a halo around my head , didnt i? 🙂
    But the end result doesn’t look too great, just better than before. Internet isnt too good right now, doesnt let me post pics. Its okay to let those sleeping wires lay around

  3. Thankless job indeed. It is not that laptops do not have any wires. You have the charger left all over ( just like mobile chargers) and the various accessories that go with it. It is tiring. Only thing is you can pack it all into one bag when the sight of wires sickens you.
    And sorting out CDs, books – that will never ever happen in a day. Be prepared for a minimum of 3 days.

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