The 5 Duties

I’d gone to meet a lady tailor/designer and she told me about the 5 duties of Man.

1)      Give thanks: Be grateful for what you have. Think this one often. “ I am open to all the abundance and riches in the world. Everything I need I have and everything that I want comes to me.”  Saying affirmations may sound like the thoughts of simplistic mind. But research has proved that positive thoughts are mood lifting. Which influences behavior. And creates a positive flow. Riches do seem to flow to people who already, in other people’s eyes, have abundance.

2)      Think of your ancestors: While this may sound like brahminical mumbo-jumbo ; it really means be grateful  and be aware of  what you have inherited in the form of money, objects, genes and your environment. ‘The first educated person in a family lifts the family out of where they have been’. Your parents have made you what you are by their hard work. Thank your parents for all that they are and all that they have given you. Respect the elderly, learn from them and be kind to them.

3)      Appreciate Nature: Look at all the plants and trees around you and enjoy them. Be grateful that they exist. Try to spend a little time everyday in touch with the earth. Cultivate some plants. Or just go out and breathe in the fresh air and think of the plants that are giving you the oxygen that you breathe in. And supply a great deal of the food you eat.

4)      Be Kind to Animals and to all lower orders: The food chain and our environmental systems wouldn’t work without them. Be appreciative of the miracles of nature.

5)      Make each act an offering to God: Do your duty well without too much focus on the reward it will bring. Every little act that you do, every chore, do without resentment and perform it as well as you can. Think of each job, even something as simple as wiping a table as a service to God, an offering.

Do not do any work as a chore but as a joyful opportunity to serve Him or Her.


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