Wheels in the head

Im afraid this blog is going to take a nasty, self-congrajulatory turn.. this post at least.

Today, I got onto a two-wheeler and did some tooling around the roads of Chennai while the rest of the traffic whizzed by and around. It felt good to break a mental barrier and know I could do it. Guessing my way around one-way roads, figuring out lanes of traffic and of course, driving a two wheeler after a long while. It does come back and feels very good, to get from one place to another- fast and on your own.

Zipping along in a vehicle does give one a heady feeling of being in command… and maybe that is why men/boys take to it so easily. For  women folk, its more a skill to be mastered which  helps with all the other stuff we keep doing. How many of us actually drool over the acceleration and power under the hood? Maybe we never drooled over arrowheads and straight spears and that’s why we don’t really take off on injection fuel systems or miles per litre.

Still, its good to have those wheels.

Do you recall the last time you wanted to do something so intensely but fear got in your way? We all have those moments when we are enthralled with an idea only to have fear prevent us from moving forward…..” from Nadia-Ballas-Rutta on a good post on Overcoming Fear at Think Simple Now


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