Experiences vs Things

I’ve been meaning to post everyday, but it hasn’t been happening much because life is so full of other things. Not things actually, but other people and happenings and experiences.

A lot of people have been writing about how it is better to spend money on experiences (travel/holidays/plays/sports/friends..) rather than on things , like clothes or furniture or whatever you fancy. The pleasure of shopping doesn’t last is common wisdom. Somehow on this trip my focus has been more on experiencing pleasures  which I can’t have back home .

Like A Play at the little gem, the simply gracious and wonderful Museum theatre. The little theatre is  a relic of the past and it is  just a joy to be there. With my sister and nephew , I went to watch Beauty and the Beast by Nicholas Productions. At first, when the stage opened up with the cast in very English costumes and began singing in English, I felt very uneasy. Is this really relevant to contemporary India and with all our languages, do we still have to do and watch fairy tales in English? And listen to Indians singing in English like convent school relics?

But a few minutes into the play, all misgivings vanished. The costumes, the singing, the actors were so good that it was an absolutely enjoyable experience. Even though it went for more than two hours, it wasn’t boring at all- livened by lots of little comic touches and cute actors.

We  determined we would be back the next day for a production of Cinderella, but as these things happen, we never did. But I sure hope to see a couple more plays before I head back home. One has to admire and support these people who pursue their passion , even with scanty audiences and little remuneration.

Talking about ‘which things would you rather spend your money on’, there is a very interesting post on the subject here by Madame X who writes on her finances on My Open Wallet.


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