(L to R of those behind the table :Grace, Sree, Aswatha, Ravi)

One of the reasons I was back at Ooty this weekend was this: distribution of sweaters at our local school. For the past few years, we’ve been distributing sweaters to some children in the school. It started off as a reward to the first rankers in each class. But then, these children are so poor that it seems hard to give only to a few. And children, I don’t think really appreciate the abstract justice of ‘the best’ being rewarded.  In our hearts, adults don’t either . There are so many reasons why we didn’t perform. So it became sweaters for one whole class.

This year, my cousin Ravi was roped in to donate.Ravi has the heart of a Texan and likes to do it big. So , lets do it for the whole school he  declared; so  there isn’t one unhappy face around.

There are so many reasons why people like to give.

Ravi : because h e’s come up the hard way, makes a lot of money and gets a big kick from giving.

Sri : because  she likes to pile up her good deeds or punniyam in her account with God.

Aswatha because she,  like most children   is aghast by poor conditions in which many Indians live when she comes in touch with them which is not very often.

Grace because she is a loving Christian and genuinely cares for the children she teaches. She does all the background work in in running the school with a true zest for life.

Whatever the reasons, if giving does happen, then life is better for all those invovled.


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