Life after a Hysterctomy

One year later, I can say Im fit, feel free and am happy.

Many women have so many doubts, which is why Im posting this. In case someone needs reassurance.

A year ago, I had many problems, physical and mental. Deciding to have the op itself was agonising. You will feel less of a woman, you will have many post operative problems were some of the things I heard.

But Im fine and feel better than in years.


4 thoughts on “Life after a Hysterctomy

  1. Am only a month after mine and am feeling good.. had much doubts before the op but right now am only relieved.. had to do it due to fibroids which was accidently discovered. Glad to note that you are A-Okay after the op. Honestly I never had much strong feelings but upon talking about the same with others who are putting off decisions I wonder if I am taking it lightly 🙂

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