Small Wonders

The first time one sees a life form  on an image created by ultrasound  is really wonderful. Its amazing to see this little life there inside the womb kicking away. And of course when the life is related  to one, the magic is doubled.

This morning Darshini and I went to the Government Hospital to have the ultrasound done by my sister who works there. Government hospital has such negative connotations for most people. It is large, it is dirty,  it is filled with people and poor people at that. But to me, it is much more familiar than a temple and I can draw so many parallels if I have to contrive it. Both are free, both work on hope, both draw people in despair and pain and both alleviate it to some extent and just being there makes people feel better.

The Madras Medical College Hospital was quite different from my childhood memories. Two huge tower blocks with stained glass doors, ornate ceilings are stunning. The tiled walls and planned courtyards speak well of intentions but of course, have lost out to the press of human beings and end up being empty pretences. But so many of the old world buildings (the hospital is now 175 years old) with huge trees, the shady walkways  and cozy canteens  under towering trees retain the old flavor of this  iconic institution. The doctors still number some of the nation’s best among them and any med student would kill (figurative, figurative)  to study there. The sheer number and variety of cases they would get to see  can happen only in India in a government metro hospital.

(Kapu had her moment making remarks about country bumpkins snapping pics in the hospital!)

Broadway or Parry’s Corner was the next stop and it was great visiting the area after so many years. It still remains the best place for serious shopping.  Rows of crowded lanes each specialising in some thing – clothes, paper goods, electronics… I remember my mother going there to buy me 6 sarees when I joined college and teaming it up with 6 blouses in random colours…so much for sartorial sense then! One shop for Parker pens manned suitably by two old men really caught my eye. Such a relic of the pastJ We did buy lots of movie CDs at Burma Bazaar – just the name meant exotic foreign smuggled goods way back. It is rather tame now but whispers of police raids were still going around – looking for copies of Endhiran.

Ending up with glimpses of the port with cranes and ships around, we vowed to come back for a closer look. My last visit to the harbor was on a school excursion in Standard V, so its time I did visit again.

A  great blog about the clothes and people and style – The Sartorialist if you like looking at people on the streets with  great put-together look.  Terrific pictures. Focus.


2 thoughts on “Small Wonders

  1. I know what you mean. My first job involved spending the mornings at a Govt. Hospital, and we were attached to a medical team, and even though we were not doctors, we had to wear the white coat, and patients would talk to us with so much respect. They came with hope for solutions for all their problems.

  2. It must have been a different experience and being your first job, left a lasting impression. The white coat symbolises so much and the poor trust so much in ‘their betters’.

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