Anna Centenary Library, Chennai

The new library is really fabulous. There are no two-ways about it. My regrets are all about leaving Chennai when this library is in the neighbourhood, just 10 min walk away. Still, I got to see it before I leave. Only parts of the libraryt since there are only two sections open right now. The periodicals section which stocks all the magazines I’ve heard of and havent’. Comfortable sofas and new tables can keep one rooted one for hours.

And the children’s section which is all one can dream of. Huge, spacious, bright airy, stocked with thousands of books on low shelves, lots of large toys, the climb on and creep around types; computers to play the hundreds of videos… its a dreamland furnished and coloured so attractively.

The library will start functioning fully only in January but till then its well worth a visit just to marvel and stare that we have such a facility in our own State. Asia’s largest library and state of the art. Glass, chrome,conference halls, amphitheater,  its going to have everything including a Braille section.

I can envision coming back here some years later with my grandson/daughter and sitting in the children’s section to read the books while he/she runs around madly. Because that is precisely what is happening there. The kids are just enjoying all the fun of the wonderfully decorated space while parents and grandparents make use of the books they never had 🙂

I did try my hand at one of the computer quizzes for a few minutes before getting firmly booted out by one of the girls in charge.

This government may be bleeding the resources for personal gain. But the library stands out as a lasting legacy. And its good that it got named after Anna who was a voracious reader and writer.

I’ve  had to use such bad photographs because there are none available on the Net strangely ; strange because it has been so publicised.


4 thoughts on “Anna Centenary Library, Chennai

  1. Nice library. Finally our part of the world is beginning to realise the need of good state libraries. We had them when we were young, then they disappeared. I wonder why? And some of them now are so badly maintained.

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