Moving On

Nothing lasts for ever, the good times and the bad times. Things, people,ideas,  lifestyles.. everything changes at some point. And we have to keep moving on and adapting.

The sojourn in Chennai draws to a close. Two daughters and I living in one house. Its been a time of rediscovering each other too. Seeing what hurts .  What makes us stick as a family. Its the occasional presence of other people and their differentness that makes us uncover the sameness, I think.  The kindnesses to each other.

What will remain in memory is the good times. Shopping, movies, plays, eating out…we did that a lot.  The lazy mealtimes at home, sprawled out on the floor as one does with family, with glasses and plates and paraphernalia all around that doesn’t  matter. And of course the chatting.

For me it will remain as a golden period in life.  When mostly I did what I liked. And stayed alive everyday. It’s been a great couple of months.

But one can’t wallow in sentimentality for ever. Time to move on. One daughter to Australia, one to a hostel and me back home.

One solid keepsake I carry back with me which I will treasure is my new cell phone (with gizmos) which is a gift from the two. And here is the first photo taken right at the store. A happy day and happy times.


4 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Still taking it day be day, moment by moment, enjoying Life now that you got the new gizmos on a cell phone and those two pretty girls to pose for you.

    What a way to live.

    michael j

    Coming to India, but heading North somewhere!

  2. Yes, Michael, does seem a charmed life. Really trying to live it day by day .

    That is wonderful that you are finally making it to India. Im so glad for you. You can make that trip south next time. Live your dreams

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