Deepavali wishes

Wishing everyone who logs in here a very Happy Deepavali.

I’m  off to Coimbatore tomorrow for Deepavali and Sindhu’s engagement . It sure is going to be family time with all its madness.  My birthday will come and go inbetween,  significant in number because its my 50th,  but lost in the scheme of other things.  I should be ready to write about ‘what I’ve learnt in 50 years of living’ or ’50 things I would like to do’ or ‘ 50 different things I’ve done’.  Or ‘Life begins at 50’.  But right now, all I can think of is ‘ will the tailor finish?’  and ‘ are they coming?’ . Maybe, when I get back I can ponder over the deeper questions of life.

Until then, hope you enjoy the festival.


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