It’s more about people, honey

When I came back after the engagement, I was filled with a sense of well being and gratitude. Suffused with the aftermath of a  function that went well and was much appreciated,  I thought I would sit down and write a list of 50 things in my life for which I am grateful. I didn’t get past 38. To get to ‘HBO” and ‘blanket’  in a life list seems rather sad 🙂

Topping my list has always been my family going beyond my children to sisters, parents, cousins and a few devoted friends who are people I can always count on.  My internet friends were also in my list 🙂

But, I’ve also been realizing how each member of the family likes to second guess everything I say. If I say, let’s go by car, a few people are sure to say why not by train? Why? I’d really like to know if all families are like this , or is it just this one?  

My thoughts have been so people-centric this week, that I thought I must record all this distilled wisdom.

– people like to be involved in activities like weddings ; be an active participant rather than a passive onlooker and a successful organiser pulls them in

– blood relatives forgive you easier and overlook it when you lose your temper or do something not so nice; people who have married into the family still stay on the other side of the line and are quick to distance themselves

– very often people  say what they don’t mean; but their actions generally follow the drift of their hearts

That seems to be the outcome of 50 years of living – life is all about understanding people

And my new prayer is  ”God, let me understand what the other person really wants’.



2 thoughts on “It’s more about people, honey

  1. Life is full of surprises and you get to know other side of so many people. In-laws can also be a surprise element, as they were at my daughter’s wedding! Friends are easier to predict.

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