my year

November draws to a close. Its been a year since I started this blog here. A year in which I’ve experimented in so many different ways , grown a teeny bit in questioning my set opinions. Its been a year in which I thought exclusively of myself and did mostly what I wanted to. It’s been good.

But should I  continue to ruminate so much and publicly on me and mine and  ? I don’t think so.

The bug to write hasn’t gone away though. So lets meet elsewhere.



6 thoughts on “my year

  1. Thanks Radha. That means a great deal to me.
    Public and unexclusive definitely. Just thinking things over about what I should like to write about. Maybe in a week or two will be back:-))

  2. Could not keep up with commenting on your blog. .but I devour your writings as soon it lands on my reader..
    Would love to read your honest, refreshing posts..

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