The little joys of life

After a long   gap when I was supposed to reflect on the larger issues of life on which I would  write; I realise this is what makes me happy and I’m most comfortable doing. Writing about the small joys of everyday. I miss the writing, the creating, the thinking; the happiness that comes from being read and listened to and then the best part, the feedback. But even without the last , it is good to keep going. It is something to look forward to everyday.  A time to create and write and reflect on things good.

When Dachu asks why dont you make those mango filled chappatis and I can’t remember the recipe ; when I eat vegetable jalfrazie at a wedding reception which seems a sad version of the one I used to make , but then recall with delight that the recipe is here- bang for mittaipink. Recorded recipes are one very good use of this blog.

So after  six months which included a wedding, armed intruders who have mixed up our sense of security terribly and a grandson who is now the joy of my life and leaves very little time for anything else, Im back here to record everyday joys of an average life.


3 thoughts on “The little joys of life

  1. So glad to see you back. I lurked on your blog mostly after you stopepd writing. So I didn’t really leave many comments, but now that you are back, I’m thrilled.

    sure, we all need a little more mittaipink in our life everyday! 🙂

    • Thank you Kay. To get such encouragement on my first day back is terrific.
      I stopped by your blog and you sound so positive about getting fit, its so good. I like the idea of one small change every month. That’s about much as we can handle. You should get to where you want to be

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