Dream No #47

Deep within us all are dreams that  we are not aware of;  lurking inside somewhere in some subconsious. We have never put those dreams into words or thoughts. But when circumstances add up, out one  pops and you say  “I’ve alway wanted to do that”.

So it was with the Car Rally. We went to support Geetha showing off her pristine Morris 8 at the Vintage Car Rally and there were posters all around about a Cross country Car rally. I said ‘Lets do that’ and Dachu said Yes yes lets do it. We thought a bit about Advaith- is he too young for a 2 hour car ride and then we reasoned that he has some long trips to do shortly. So this isn’t really too bad. The next morning we were there at the Car Rally, with 50 other  cars waiting to be flagged off , at Fernhill Palace.

We added Sheela to the team for moral support and baby sitting.

The rally wasn’t about being fast or first  but about maintaining certain speeds and times between points. It suited us because I am a slow and steady driver.  And we had a good navigator in Dachu. A navigator needs to be interested in solving puzzles and know a bit of math.

All of 65 km, we travelled across hills and vales, across beautiful country we’d never been to before. Between baby feeds and snaps, we gave up the stress of calculating distances and times and just enjoyed the trip. While the   cars that passed us  had busy young men plotting ferociously with stopwatches and calculators.

A wonderful day and a dream come true


2 thoughts on “Dream No #47

  1. Thanks Meena. After a while, molly coddling both mother and child totally seems bad for all of us. I’ve been learning that you have to give everybody’s needs a little importance and that includes mine.

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