Mobile, fast and easy

 Here is Advaith looking up at something in fascination.

And what is that?

Yes , a dinky mobile!

Made in about 15 minutes, with a couple of wooden keychains, 3 little colourful cloth elephants from Thailand, a card tag; some curtain rings and string.

  The little things hang on a string tied between two windows. The string too is recycled. Its the yellow ‘thaali kair‘ which forms part of the little take home packet of  ‘manjal-kumkum-mirror-kair’  on puja days. I know people might think this is a horrible use for the string but what does one do with a lot of packets piling away?

Now that Advaith needs something to look at while he is on his back – at Coimbatore last week,  he was fascinated by the fans – we had to come up with something fast. And this homemade mobile keeps him happy for now.


6 thoughts on “Mobile, fast and easy

  1. Extensive studies have revealed that making such toys in 15 min and hanging them only enhances such capabilities of parents and the Elders at home. The little baby actually requires to watch vibgyor colours and motion, for his advanced education.

    Research suggests and recommends to just use some simple colour ribbons and put them up above him and maybe on the walls too. The flutter and sway of those ribbons would meet n invoke a baby’s thirst and interest on new matters.


    • Thanks Dr.BabyheartNraja for your erudite comment. My most trustworthy source of baby info has been Dr.Spock so far. Now I can add you to the list.
      But I always wonder how researchers like you can actually get into a baby’s head? even with close contact with one baby, Im not too sure yet of what he actually wants.
      “Medical facts do keep changing, that’s the practice of medicine”. – Dr House.
      Thanks for the update.

  2. Even if Dr House says that…. we would like to standby our beliefs… “Babies don’t change..!!!”

    Dr BH.

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