warm and fuzzy

Two friends from school days came to visit.  Intelligent, curious , a zest for life and fun. With true friends, defences don’t exist.  You just are. Fat, thin, rich, poor.. ..nothing matters except joy. Being together in a very carefree way.

We talked and laughed and talked. A little about children and less about husbands. A lot about the aging parent in our lives . About friends and happenings.  About the recent trip to Kumbakonam they had taken with another friend and recounted so well by Meena here.  Meena and Miriam insisted on eating things from the garden, garden fresh so to speak, raising alarm in my conservative soul.

We didn’t take photographs which would have been nice for this blog post. And the food was very simple too. With two fantastic cooks and hostesses around, there is no buzz to compete. Maybe there is an internal letting go, which is good.

Meena’ s mother is going into surgery today. And that she had made the time to come and visit speaks a lot about her. We have to live for ourselves, stop worrying about what others think and do what is good for us’. Great motto for the fifties.


3 thoughts on “warm and fuzzy

  1. It’s amazing Kalyani. I really envy you the ability to put every day happenings so succinctly . Yes . It was a lovely day. To see and know that your friends are still the same people you had made all those years ago.
    The main thing is all of us , friends have grown similarly .
    So in a world where we seem anachronistic to find others like us is comforting

  2. Thanks Meena. I didn’t think of it as an ability, just something I did. Maybe each of us has some little ability to distinguish us from everyone else. WE do seem to have grown similarly, mindwise and that, like you say, is so comforting.

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