Grandpa’s chair

It’s the monsoon. One’s internal weather has to be very good to keep away the blues. And the power flipping off so often takes away usual pursuits.

My eyes finally settled on the pile of sewing I mean to do ….someday.   I bypassed all the boring repair jobs and settled for the most interesting project. Cloth for the easy chair which has lain, dusty under the bed for many…..

I used an old, thick sheet  which still seems tough and suits the chair colour.  I had to experiment a bit with the length needed. But it got done in a fairly short time.

Now the chair sits in the dining room, by the window. Because its perfect for a  postprandial nap or read and it is the dining room that gets the warm afternoon western sun (when it chooses to come out) .

And yes, it is my grandfather’s chair.

If you’ve watched Balu Mahendra’s ‘Veedu‘, the grandfather in it could have been modeled on my thatha – gentle, caring, supportive and unintrusive.


2 thoughts on “Grandpa’s chair

  1. Lovely chair.. have one of these back home, left behind by my late FIL… and which was used by his father.. Although it is woven with bamboo, your idea of covering it with cloth makes me wonder if the same can be applied. Have some old curtains with thick sturdy cloth 🙂

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