I’m listening, Let this moment be yours

Overburdened by emotional stress, a friend called to tell me some of the details of a domestic dispute. I felt rather honoured that she trusted me  enough  to reveal what goes on inside the family. And tried to live upto the trust by giving some terrific insights about the situation.

And then when she barely registered these pearls of wisom, I realised that she wanted someone to listen. It was an unburdening- of- her- soul to a sympathetic listener and not really a asking-for-your-advice session. And so  I listened.

And, REFRAINED from sharing the story of someone in a similar position. Though of course it sprang up immediately in my mind.

And it gives me hope that someday, I will be the perfect listener.


6 thoughts on “I’m listening, Let this moment be yours

  1. Yes. Sometimes just let them pour out, it is really therapeutic to their hearts. BTW we would be lucky if someone gives us a sympathetic ear at times, maybe it is just a bargain hunt lost. 🙂

  2. Yes, Radha. We can’t really understand all the nuances of another person’s situation. Or their hearts. But very often, instead of truly listening, we are countering their experiences with ours or borrowed from someone else.

  3. My biggest mistake! I do not listen. Yes, I understand what they are saying. But no, I do not listen. I have to drill it into my head that people just want to be heard. They are capable of coming with their own solutions. They do not need me for that.

    Maybe I should start writing a listening notebook, like a gratitude notebook. Over the course of time, maybe I’ll become a listener too.

  4. Kay, that is extremely honest the first step is of course to recognize we have a problem..
    And then.. I won’t say more…. lets both of practice listening in our own way

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