Magic in the Mornings

When you drift awake in the morning, its good to have something to look forward to. I know if its exercise first thing on my agenda, I am going to spend longer in bed, putting it off. Sometimes, its the thought that someone interesting has come to stay or will be coming, that gets me up. Sometimes, it could be an interesting book. But mostly, its the thought of my morning cup of coffee that lures me out of a warm bed.

On some days, though I have an added treat. An array of bright golden dots covering the ceiling and walls of my ahem..workroom. The firsttime I noticed them, I stood transfixed and tried hard to find the source but couldn’t. Because they disappeared after a while. I thought it must be something reflected from outside. They didn’t appear for the next few days. And then they did, and I could see that it was reflection of sunlight from a hundred little mirrors on this ball which I had just put down on top of a cupboard temporarily, while I found a more permanent place for it. Of course now its there to stay and put a little bit of magic into some special mornings.

What makes your mornings special?


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