Siragugal spreads its wings

Today is a very special day.

A dream, a vision coming true after a long while.

We found our space for our library, did the puja this morning and shifted all the books we’ve been collecting over 2 years this afternoon. Like a good Mani Ratnam movie, the skies poured in the background but who cared. All the members of our little NGO were elated and we discussed plans long past lunchtime.  Activities, book readings, story telling, contacting the schools, publicity to reach village schools, everyone was bubbling over.

Everything happens at the time it is meant to happen’… Maybe this is true. For the past two years we have been pursuing  Collectors, CEOs, Headmasters,  Councillors in the hope that someone would give us room to open a free children’s library. Commercial space didn’t fit into our small  budget.  We would get promises which would fizzle out.

Finally this space, which does fit into our budget and suits us in so many ways. We saw it last Sat, and less than a week later we are in.

Siragugal is taking off.


4 thoughts on “Siragugal spreads its wings

  1. Congratulations Kalyani..!!!

    Your determination to reach out to the children to make use of the library, is admirable.

    Wishing you all the best.

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