Deepavali good times

This was obviously last week. But still gives happiness so Im in recall.

In a burst of energy, I made gulab jamuns, badam halwa, murruku and thengai burphy ( in decreasing order of success). The murukku was a first time trial and I was very surprised at how easy it can be.

Since I was sharing my limited stock with only half a dozen people, I took some trouble over the packing.  I went shopping for plastic jars and ended up with those green glass ones which looked much better. Serendipity was  being inspired to buy small candle holders , filling them with badam halwa and covering the glasses with cling wrap. Im still a bit overwhelmed with my brilliance.

And actually delivering the goods took a whole day, having been rather out of circulation for a while.

So I had my fun tripled – cooking, shopping and visiting.

I must say, all the effort was greatly appreciated. In store bought, driver delivered deepavali-times, home made stuff is hot stuff.





2 thoughts on “Deepavali good times

  1. This year I made only the muruku and the coconut burfi. The thattai was a flop – and I cannot imagine why. I think by the time I got down to that I was plain tired. Next Diwali, will move closer to where you stay, would not mind those goodies.

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