Should I.., what if?

Sometimes, we let the thought of tomorrow stop us today.

Stop us  from just doing something, starting  a course of action,  committing, having fun… even writing a blog post. Because the morrow may wreck all the plans made today.

Last week, I felt the urge to start writing again on mittapink here, and got halted by the thought ‘ I am going to be travelling soon; I probably won’t be able to continue posting regularly, so should I ?’ And I let the second thought override.

But now, I recall that the prime philosophy (altho that does sound serious), behind  mittaipink was to live for today. Do something new, let myself explore , and let go all I can. Think of today and live it as well as I can.

So here goes, and I  will write whenever and wherever possible.



4 thoughts on “Should I.., what if?

  1. Thanks Radha and that is really heartfelt. you can’t imagine how get a comment and from you right on the day I resumed writing.
    One can so easily give up (blogging) thinking ‘who cares?’

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