After absolute craziness for a couple of weeks, when life seemed to be about dashing about the town with soggy lists fished out from coat pockets, umbrella in one hand, handbag in another and keys in yet another non existent hand which may be why I lost the car keys twice ; organising a function  in the library  while coping with details of leaving  home for a long spell on another level of the mind; Im suddenly transported  by a magic box to a place far far away and a different way of life.

Flying is still a rare mode of transport for me, and  so I still enjoy all the details of  airports and airplanes and taking off ; including the geography map spread out below. The food too! The  glamorous airport at Singapore left me open mouthed .Changing planes was not too bad as I had feared. How much I   fear needlessly!

First impressions of Sydney in first two days – suburbia is so pleasant. Genteel. Picturebook houses in red brick;  so few cars and people on the roads. Neat roads and pavements lined with trees and grass. No front walls.  Running water- hot and cold, the abundance of choice in the supermarkets; the fastness of the internet; joys of comfort.

The apartment is new and neat. The kitchen is open to the living room which was a bit of a shocker.  But a few days later, I dont notice at all. That is why it seems good to record impression and ideas while they are still new. The balcony over looks a large park which makes the house , oh so pleasant. And the presence of quirky, black eyed Advaith makes life so much better.


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